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Music in Motion: Transforming Movement

Experience Designer | Carnegie Mellon University ETC Project | Spring 2018

Music in Motion, is explored the relationship of physical movement to sound creation in three-dimensional space. Our intent was to have guests explore sound and create music around them, through kinesthetic activity and by interacting with the virtual environment. Our team focused on discovering more intuitive forms of musical control and nuanced performance through interactive sound environments and haptic music devices. Our platform was primarily the HTC Vive but we explored other methods of control  including leap motion and home-made VR "gloves". 

My primary involvement was mocking-up prototypes, story-boarding our concepts, refining the feel interactions hand-in-hand with the programmers, and producing for the project. I also designed, procured and helped build the 12-speaker surround-sound system with responsive DMX lighting.

Below is a demo of the final installation from last semester.

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