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Gamification: Peer-to-Peer Recognition

UX Analyst | Sale Pursuit for a Federal Government Agency | August 2016

While a member of the Rapid Design and Visualization team within a consulting firm, one of the more interesting projects I worked on was a a peer-to-peer recognition application. The project was a sales pursuit, and we decided to use gamification features to help make the application and our sales pitch, more compelling.

Using social media, along with a points/badges reward system, the goal was to give employees an opportunity to congratulate colleagues for a job well done. The app was being requested in the hope of fostering collaboration and healthy competition.

Because this application was for a very large organization, it was important to offer opportunities for recognition at both the individual and team levels. This meant we would need two different points’ economies. The game flow helped me to map out how the rewards’ system would differ for individuals and teams, as well as how points might be converted between the economies.

Journey mapping (left) helped us to tell the story of each of the different user types or groups. This mapping helps indicate how participation might developed at the team level or individually. It tracks user involvement from the first collaborative moment, through the give and take of social recognition, the review of a team-wide leaderboard, and into the rewards distribution scenarios.

For this pursuit I also created user personas and scenarios and did impact mapping. Since we did not yet have access to the client end users we had to base most of this work on research of the organization. Some very early prototyping was used to help support the back-end development and initial plans for the interfaces. This project was a great opportunity to explore game design with in the context of an organization of over 200,000 individuals.

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