Beats Me: Rhythm Game

Game Designer | Carnegie Mellon University ETC Project | Nov 2017

Beat's Me was designed for a unique platform, the Jamodrum. This collaborative interface features 4 drums placed around the perimeter of a table. These drums can be spun or tapped as input. The visual interface is then projected onto the tabletop. 

For this design challenge, our team decided to make a rhythm game. We had seen few groups  in the past take this route, even though the name suggests it directly. One member of our team created an original song to be featured in this experience. I designed & programmed the progression of the game and the choreography of the notes. In this Guitar-hero-like experience you must either capture the notes with a swipe of the wheel, or hit them with a palm to the drum's center. The song was written by our skilled teammate who produces electronic music.