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I am a producer and designer who loves to bridge the technical and creative. I use emergent technology to build magical, location-based experiences that connect people. Whether VR, AR, or more physical interfaces, my goal is to bring stories to life. 

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Music in Motion

Movement translated into sound

This VR project focused on exploring how music connects to body movement in tracked VR. We used 12 speaker ambisonics - spatialized sound, interactive DMX lighting, and plenty of VR Trackers to create a performative experience. 

Girl in the Painting

Step into the world of a painting

A short AR interactive story using Apple's ARKit. Step into the dull gray painting and help its subject to transform her world into something more vibrant.

Angry Chicken

Destruction is fun

A VR experience that utilizes room-scale Vive tracking. A Godzilla-sized mother chicken seeks revenge while searching for her stolen, radioactive eggs. This experience was all about the fun of destruction. 

Table top rhythm game

A collaborative rhythm game to be played with friends. This musical experience uses a tabletop interface with projected  interactive components.

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